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  1. well i didnt believe jagex actually had software the identifies macroing but they must, set up a new account just to pure in skills my main doesnt have, monitored it the whole time it was running, this was 2 days ago, just got permanently banned for botting. so no more of this, dont see the point in it even for proffiting off these dummy accounts lol they wont make it a high enough level to get a profit. ideas?
  2. i got a little too greedy with agility pro in pollivneach, literally forgot I was running a script, went to bed and boom got a 2 day ban, i guess I'm curious to which course to take here, do i start setting very minimal level goals to stay under the radar? do i run any scripts at all? was this just an unlucky situation. i don't wanna loose my progress, i feel like if i set level goals to 1-2 a day that would be pretty minimalistic and could run undetected, thoughts?
  3. great! thats what i assumed, just wanted to make sure it wasnt something i needed to do manually, i wiill be joining the discord, thank you!
  4. when trying to load a new bot ill get this error, i attempted to re download the client, same result. no big deal just wondering if there is some update i have to perform, or if its on your end. thanks for client its great.
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