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Transitioning from casual botting dabbler to wannabe farmer - questions


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Long post, feel free to just read bold

Hey, I've been carefully botting both for fun and to test the waters with no bans across 5 accounts for hundreds of hours (though non more than 7/8 a day per account) using a mixture of f2p and p2p moneymakers. In the past I've had VIP and purchased pro fighter, I'm considering getting VIP again and upscaling. 

However I know next to nothing, relatively speaking, and was wondering mainly if I'd be chain banned if detected botting on one account on the same residential IP as the others, and if my current strategy of staggered botting schedules would affect this - i.e. if bot 1 was offline one day and bot 2 got banned using the same script on the same IP as 1, is 1's death guaranteed. 

Secondly, is the use of different scripts, different activities, different worlds, different botting schedules any protection from chain bans, even when on the same IP. If so which might help and which probably don't. 

Finally, as there are no premium muling scripts on EpicBot as far as I can tell, is trading profits to an unbotted mule sufficiently safe, or incriminating enough to get my mule sacked as well.

N.B. It would be cool if randomised but controlled breaks could be implemented into the client, such that individual bot's schedules could be programmed to mimic made up irl schedules that don't follow minute-precise rigidity.

Sorry for dumping all these words on ya, If anyone can be bothered to read it, cheers.

Also sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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