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How to not get ban using epicbot?


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@Astral22Unfortunately there is no "Definitive" way to prevent being banned. There are several things you can do in order to reduce the chance of being banned such as:

1) Don't bot for too long on one thing

2) Take regular botting breaks

3) Babysit your bots. This was you can talk to others which will reduce the risk of reports.

4) Make sure to take a day or two off.

5) When botting, try to stick to a schedule (e.g. i work so i work 8-6 so i will be on rs about 7-11, so that is my botting time)

6) Do NOT bot an account your not willing to loose

I hope this advice is useful.

The thing to remember is that Botting is "against" Jagex's T&C and is a bannable offence. We take that risk and we accept it.



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