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Pro Blast Furnace


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Pro Blast Furnace




Current Features:

🐨 Supports all bars 🐨

🐨 World hopping 🐨

 🐨 Complete potion support 🐨

🐨 Coal Bag Support 🐨

🐨 Ice Gloves / Bucket of Water Support 🐨

🐨 Coffer Restocking 🐨



Work in Progress:

🐨 Stop conditions 🐨

🐨 Profiles 🐨

🐨 Restocking🐨

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19 hours ago, brain budt said:

would also be nice if it has progession support. so it would always make the best bars. IDK if this is what you mean with profiles but it would be nice!

Definitely not opposed to this. I'll consider adding it when I add restocking to everything.

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Just now, Bloodweiser said:

Tried out the script, but I couldn't get it to run successfully. Tried with different bars and with/without stamina potions. Cool looking script though!

Does the account have a coalbag and icegloves?

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when starting it fails to fill the coffer and goes weird and buggy... it hangs there chatting 0 all the time...

if manual filled the coffer 50k

than start again with ice gloves and coalbagg in inventory but it trows java error and does nothing!

tryed equip the ice gloves but still the same error

can u dubbel check and what do i do wrong...

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