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 Pro NMZ

<insert my fancy paint/gui/proggies here. They're great, just believe me.>




Current Features:

🐨 Supports all bosses 🐨

🐨 World hopping 🐨

 🐨 Complete potion support 🐨

🐨 Rock Cake Support 🐨

🐨 Rapid Heal Support 🐨

🐨 Prayer Support 🐨




Work in Progress:

🐨 Stop conditions 🐨

🐨 Profiles 🐨

🐨 Restocking🐨

 🐨 Repairing/Recharging🐨

 🐨 Attack style changing 🐨

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3 hours ago, ipokefire said:

Yo my nmz bot keeps dying after 1 overload sip and then re-dreaming and potting to full absorption to just die again after 1 sip.

What's your hp? 

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On 1/11/2022 at 5:05 AM, Ziqs said:

Keeps readding bosses in costum rumble mode , fix please

Can you give me details on your setup? It doesn't change the bosses on rumble.

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