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Please help

Nicolas Lemoine

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Hey I just starting using this client and I cant get scripts to start. When I press the tutorial island script and start it it just freezes the client. The game sounds still play but I cant close the client, click anything on the client, or even move it. Kind of discouraging being I just spent over $200 on scripts and the lifetime membership... 

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[11:27:26.714][INFO][g][46] WebSocket Connected!
[11:27:26.729][INFO][b][27] Logged in as 'Nicolas Lemoine'
[11:27:35.611][INFO][g][56] Starting new Bot1
[11:27:35.626][INFO][L][57] Loading RS config from http://oldschool.runescape.com/jav_config.ws
[11:27:36.361][INFO][b][57] Loading hooks
[11:27:38.894][INFO][b][57] Using local gamepack(201)


These are the last few lines from the client log just for reference.. Its almost like the script never even tried to start.

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