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Pro Slayer, Pro Fighter, and Pro Warriors Guild released!

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Today we're announcing some serious scripts that are finally going pro including Pro Slayer, Pro Fighter (one time fee version), and Pro Warriors Guild. @Sean worked extremely hard on these scripts so your support is much appreciated, go look at the page alone for Slayer and see everything it supports, it's got to be the best Slayer script across any bot client, I'm confident in that!

Pro Slayer: Arguably one of the most grindiest skills in the game and one of the hardest ones to level, why not let Pro Slayer do it for you? Check it out today!

Pro Fighter:
Capable of making some insane gold/hour if you use it on the right monsters and great for hitting that max combat! Check it out.

Pro Warriors Guild: Need dragon defender? Well let Warriors guild get that for you in a snap! Check it out.

* NOTE: If you have the Pro Fighter (monthly) version, that version will continue until its month has ran out and you will not be able to purchase monthly anymore. We advise everyone to purchase this new one time fee (lifetime) version where the value is much higher. Extremely good value for the complexity of these scripts, buy them today before we raise the prices a little bit on these powerful, complex, best in class scripts powered on the EpicBot ™️ client

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17 hours ago, PWNography said:

Pro Slayer looks amazing, can't wait to purchase it!

Yes sir! Sean did an amazing job on it. We appreciate the support 🙂

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