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Hey everyone, as EpicBot is beginning anew I decided that I wanted to learn and begin publishing high quality scripts. Before I start on writing scripts my preliminary project is being able to capture the data produced from scripts. I wanted to share with you all a bit of my progress and gauge interest for this type of stuff.


A REST API with endpoints for submitting data and then retrieving it was created. Currently the data is only being formatted into an image but there's a lot that can be expanded upon here. New data is sent as JSON, an example of a request would look like:

URL: /stats/:botName
Method: POST

    "user": "lone",
    "key": "secretkey"
    "stats": {
        "gp": 3500,
        "kills": 15,
        "runtime": 300,
        "attack": 1



Below is an example of data that has been added for the bot test bot and user lone. This data is from two separate runs.


When a request is made to retrieve the data we do a sum of the columns


With that the data is inserted into an SVG ( am all thumbs with gfx ) and sent back. Formatting for data like time, kills, and profit will be added.



This work is still only local but my poc is running and you can see how it will work a little better. It takes the image below and replaces the tilde with a random number, you can see that live ( currently ) here


Just want to throw out a big thanks to both proto and smile for their script guides, they will be a huge help to me as I get started.

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This looks really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing the progression here. If you need any contributors/have any questions, let me know! I'd love to be involved.

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