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How did you find out EpicBot is back?

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I have heard a few stories from a few guys who say they happen to be searching for us on a search engine, to others finding us through word of mouth from others, to some just happen to be checking the direct website, but we are curious! How did you find out about EpicBot's new client and forum? 

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"Free osrs bot plz"

came across some websites but nothing that fell on my mind..

After that i found EPICBOT ouff! 

That most be something cool i thought-


-join discord-


Bubba -Gib access

Random -Dont say that

Bubba -How do i download this bot

Random -No u


No bots there yet but a lovely community.



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I found an old sythe tread from like 2015 or something talking about all the botting clients out at the time and i was clicking on all of the links to see if the clients websites were still running or to see if anyone had taken the domain and then came across this lol

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