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Elemental metal to primed bar

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Hi all,

I have a suggestion...

After i finished the quest elemental workshop I and II , I've been busy making primed bars.

This is a very time consuming occupation with few experience points for smithing (you are awarded with 7-8 exp/elemental metal and 30exp/mind shield made of primed mind bar)

Making a primed bar from elemental metal takes at least 13 different actions which is very boring and tiring. So it defenitly deserves an easier way to accomplish.

My suggestion is to insert a possibility to let this task be done by the epicbot.

This would save a lot of time and fysically tiring mouseclicking! 

SO if you feel the same way earning some nice cash with these mind shields, letting the bot take it over, please comment below.

Kind regards!

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1 hour ago, Mint said:

Usually scripts in epicbot are done because of demand by the public.... Is this great XP at all? Or is it high money making? 

doesnt look like either

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15 minutes ago, MansNoThot said:

I think on this script idea it wont be a well known script/idea so the best thing would be to try and make it yourself. If you have any questions just ask. 🙂

how i make zulrah script?

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