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Upcoming Client Api Fixes - Soon


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These are the upcoming client/api fixes that will be in the next client update.

  • A Porcine of Interest Quest Added

  • Store API

  • Webwalker now equips Dramen staff/Lunar staff for Fairy Rings

  • Bank#open now also uses NPCs

  • CombatAPI base

  • Prayer#isActive checks for game unlocks

  • Defined new Path Links for Rogues Den, Falador Crumbled Wall, and Fremennik Slayer Cave.

  • Modified WaitFor.waitForTravel to allow for passing a checkDistance in order to avoid spam clicking objects with a 'travel distance' of 1 tile.

  • Defined new Path Link for exiting Lumbridge Swamp Cave

  • Removed debugging statements.

  • Added handler for desert warning.

  • Added Dialogue#getText method.

  • Added handlers for fail state dialogues. Example is trying to navigate into desert without a shantay pass. Without this fail state handler, it will get stuck in an infinite loop of attempting to handle the object.

  • Added Path Links for Kalphite Slayer Cave Entrance and Exit,

  • Added new path links for multiple charter ships and travel between Rimmington/Ardougne/Brimhaven. Now catches null pointer in getItemDetails

  • Modified Area to include expected tiles regardless of Polygons contains implementation.

  • Added checks for placeholder in BankAPI

  • Added isPlaceholder method on RSBankItemWidget

  • Modified InteractionHandler to walk to the object if the initial interaction fails. There were occurrences where walker would get stuck in a loop, never actually interacting with an object.

  • Combat API Has

  • localPlayer#hasMembership

  • Area plane matching

  • Updated Quest API

  • More Quest API updates

  • Added withdrawAny methods to Bank.

  • Modified GrandExchangeAPI to clean up null pointers.

  • Added new Path Links.

  • Modified withdraw to return false if the count of the predicate is 0. Returning true does not make sense if you dont actually withdraw anything.

  • Modified deselectItem to interact with menu rather than an item as it would never actually deselect.

  • Adding an extra delay on Wearable Item Teleports after interacting with item. It was checking for the options too quickly and failed if a different dialogue was already open.

  • Added Path Link for Shantay Pass to avoid spam clicking.

  • Added Path Links for Outpost->Lighthouse rock jumps

  • Added Path Link for GE Shortcut

  • Added Path Link for catacombs of kourend entrance

  • Added additional path links.

  • Modified pathhandler to handle additional objects if for some reason bfsMapCache thinks we can reach the next tile.

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