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How Quickly Do You Get Banned?

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3 hours ago, Elementes said:

Im new to botting and just interested to hear about peoples experience regarding bans

1 account has been botted for 3 months and is still alive, another for close to a year with only a 2 day ban, and another for close to 3 years (banned because of my own mistake 😞 )

All depends on method, how much you bot, if it's a at a botted location, etc etc 

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3 hours ago, Marek said:

One out of three users have been banned so far, probably because I was cutting oaks at varrock and banking them lol. But Miner is on for the 4th day and sand crab killer about 5th day basically nonstop.

Is it easier to be detected Dropping or banking? Im fishing lobsters.

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4 hours ago, glexzor said:

just got 3 accounts banned today.

1 after 20h of botting, 1 after 15h of botting and 1 after 1 hour of botting so watch out

What do you expect?


botting those hours will get you banned, so watch out

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