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What kind of botter are you? What scripts do you want to see? VOTE!


What kind of botter are you?  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. What kind of botter are you?

    • I'm more focused on skilling based scripts
    • I'm more focused on money making scripts
    • I'm more of a mix of both

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To better understand the needs of our users, we're conducting an open poll question. This question will help us internally identify and prioritize the needs of you guys and the community.

Secondly, please feel free here to make script requests here in this topic that could be done by our talented scripts in the very near future. Please try to think of scripts that fall into the following categories:

A) Would be widely used, or items that are highly traded.

B) Money making methods

C) Skilling methods (leveling)

If the script falls into A + B or A + C, please comment below. Here are the current options.


- Blue Dragons (Combat)  * With 70 agility it makes a lot!
- Crafter (Skilling)
- Barrows (Combat, Moneymaking)
- Mage Training Arena (Minigame, Moneymaking)
- Enchanter (Like enchanting rings is a good money maker, and is easy to do)
- Tab Maker (Moneymaking)
- Skogres / Zogres (220K/hour, Combat)
- Agility Pyramid: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/Climbing_the_Agility_Pyramid
- Crafting Clockwork: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/Crafting_clockwork
- Store Buyer (such as Feather packs, and other profitable items you can buy/sell)
- Birdhouse / Birds Nests

Pro Slayer
Pro Nightmare Zone 
Pro Rogues Den 
Pro Pest Control 
Pro Restocker 
Pro Zulrah 
Pro Vorkath 
Pro Fungus 
Pro Hunter
Pro Fletcher
Pro Agility
Pro Abyss
Pro Runecrafting

Thanks for using EpicBot!

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Because you're going to include an account creator, I would suggest having as much smooth automation features as possible to increase scalability. This will make the bot stand out from others as well. Muling in my opinion is something that should be standardly included on all relevant scripts.

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