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Setup Intellij Idea for EpicBot (Basic tutorial) Video & Text

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Text version:

  1. Launch the client at least once to download the dependencies 
  2. Create new project using JDK 1.8.
  3. Add dependencies - File -> Project Structure -> Libraries -> add epicbot-api-1.0.jar 
  4. Select build path - File -> Project Structure -> Modules -> Paths -> Choose 'Use module compile output path' and select C:\Users\USERNAME\EpicBot\Scripts\SCRIPTNAME    (If scripts folder isn't there, create it)
  5. Copy and paste basic skeleton from below to your main java class
import com.epicbot.api.shared.GameType;
import com.epicbot.api.shared.script.LoopScript;
import com.epicbot.api.shared.script.ScriptManifest;

@ScriptManifest(name = "ProScript", gameType = GameType.OS)
public class main extends LoopScript {
    protected int loop() {
        return 0;

    public boolean onStart(String... strings) {
        return false;

Tip: You can press CTRL + O to show all implement/override methods in your main class.


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2 hours ago, rlstric1 said:

Where can I download the api.jar?

It's in your dependencies folder. On windows, that's C:/Users/<user>/EpicBot/dependencies

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