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Pro AIO Cooker



 1 tick




Current features:

▶️ Normal - Cooks your raw food the way you like it

▶️ Combine - Create your perfect mix of raw food for extra aroma

▶️ Tick manipulation - Quickly cooks your Karambwans for quick xp

▶️ Wines - You want a 1m xp drop from cooking?

▶️ Settings - Mouse movement off screen, stop conditions, and script speed



▶️ Progression mode 

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Good script man definitely good, although when I try to cook in Al Kharid after cooking in Edgeville it ran me all the way back to Edgeville. Other than that, banking, etc. works perfectly.

Would also be really nice to see a winemaking, anchovy pizza making section.

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hey proto another grazyyy script, using the 3ticker and im clocking hella xps. I was wondering if you would wanna implement esc for closing bank instead of more mouse movement to add a more human-like experience.


edit: progress report for a couple hours

-96 to 98 cooking


-98 cooking 1 hour progress


-99 cooking i forgot to screen shot but i got it guys


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progress report
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