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  1. The black space around the client shown in the photo below looks a bit clunky. I know as the user you can change that, but I think by default it should have the fixed client size. And then maybe when readjusting it there should be to size presents, fixed client and resizable client (if there is a default size for this one).
  2. Script debug option which can be enabled. I'm sure if there are any bugs with scripts this would be helpful in speeding up the debug process 🙂
  3. Elliott


    Hi, I've been around in botting since about 2008/09. A few of you guys might know me/seen me in some Discords. I used to use EpicBot way back when but haven't used it in a while. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all goes - looks very promising! All going well I'll hopefully be releasing some scripts for everyone too!
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