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  1. Was due to client bug, added a way around and update pushed 🙂
  2. It's not an account creator 😛
  3. The same thing can be said if we allow new scripters in right now, it would only make it harder for anyone else who joins afterwards to make/sell scripts. We're working not just on the scripts though, most of it is just quashing down bugs and getting everything ready for release 🙂
  4. Welcome 😄 Looking forwards to seeing your around the place and if you have any suggestions for scripts you'd like to see, let us know 🙂
  5. Started out as a hobby to see how far I can get fully botted mains before ban, turned into a hobby for making scripts to level up my main, and now I'm now I'm making big public scripts 😄
  6. 💪 Welcome 😄
  7. Welcome back 😄 Epicbot is just getting started so you'll be seeing a lot more amazing things as time goes on Also nice name btw 😉
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