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  1. Edgeville cutting Yews and banking. Seems once a tree is out of view, it will not walk back towards the trees. If i rotate the camera so the tree is in view it will continue and go back.
  2. Bot cuts logs and banks them, then becomes stuck at bank waiting for trees to respawn when they have already. Stays at bank till account gets disconnected. I am running in fixed mode, so not sure what to do. [07:04:13.033][INFO][G][49] Starting new Bot1 [07:04:17.082][DEBUG][h][49] All game classes loaded [07:04:17.804][DEBUG][h][49] Callbacks created [07:04:17.947][DEBUG][b][49] Creating new schedules (first-run) [07:04:18.835][DEBUG][h][49] API created [07:04:19.350][DEBUG][h][49] Applet started [07:10:04.219][INFO][h][67] Navigating to [3091, 3495, 0] [07:10:05.329
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