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  1. Has this script been tested? It didnt work for me when I tried to smelt goldbars, nor when I tried smelting steel bars. Didnt try anymore after these two failed. At first I typed the coffer money to be 50k and I pressed start. It did the following: Put in maybe 5 coins in the coffer and after that started typing zeros in all chat, via 0 enter 0 enter 0 enter 0 enter (strange). Then when I put in the money manually and pressed start, it started to throw a bunch of lines in the scriptlog (over and over). Fookin panicked after that and logged out fearing to get insta banned or something. I dont have the scriptlog but you can test it maybe? In the end maybe I did something wrong, not sure, cause I didnt use the profile setup when inputing options on the interface (I hope im making sense).
  2. I dont know why, but the Pro Miner wont bank the ore into the chest that is next to those 2 three-vein iron ore places in Mining Guild. It wants to run out of the guild to bank them to Fala W-bank.
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