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  1. Koala

    Pro Wintertodt

    Hey - I'll take a look as soon as I can.
  2. Koala

    Pro Wintertodt

    I'll take a look, thanks!
  3. No, most current scripts will transition to paid eventually, with a free alternative with less features. There are a number of open source scripts here: https://www.epicbot.com/forum/index.php?/forum/32-workbench-non-premium-scripts/
  4. This looks really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing the progression here. If you need any contributors/have any questions, let me know! I'd love to be involved.
  5. Koala


    "im looking into bitcoin at the moment, and an osrs gold option as well. credit card(s) may come after those" - Mint
  6. Koala

    Pro Wintertodt

    That's perfect. I'll try and see whats up. I haven't touched that logic recently, but it's possible a webwalker update messed with it.
  7. Koala

    Pro Wintertodt

    I'll push an update with the food fix - What's the status when it's standing next to the brazier?
  8. It was just made premium like an hour ago.
  9. Restart your client to update it and it should be fixed
  10. You might have hit the invalid login limit. Let it sit for a bit and it'll let ya try again. Been hearing this alot - will try and see if it's something on our system.
  11. Both are updated. I was away during Scheduler's release, so was a bit late to the party.
  12. Hey! My bad, will fix this
  13. There are ton of factors that go in to bans, especially as they ramp up anti-bot measures. Change in IP, poor IP quality ("Dedicated Residential" are very rarely as good as they claim to be - check the IP's abuse score), poor IP subnet reputation, etc. I'll add some custom speed options in the hopes that that will help, but I have very few problems with bans on my home IP.
  14. I'll try and add it today
  15. https://www.epicbot.com/download.php Login, create a new tab, and it'll be under the play button
  16. Koala

    i love koala

    I was wondering what your forum user was, thanks! Enjoy the ban.
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