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  1. No worries, it only happened a few times and hasn't happened since last night, the bot completely shut off too and my hcim died but i think that was a client issue though not the script 🙂
  2. hello, the bot seems to be intermittently working after todays update, it runs up to the door and just stands there and doesn't interact with it and stands there saying generating path, i ran a game and everything ran ok and it clicked the door to exit and banked but wouldn't always re enter, cheers edit; ran for a hour now no issues so not sure what happened
  3. Thanks buddy, i ran for about 8 hrs total and the only real issue was the idle standing and i lost many games where it stood at the brazier with a full inv of fletched logs idle taking damage when the pyro was down but still has close to 100 crates when i woke up and was capping 200k xp a hour, infact i sorta like the slow click/miss on the brazier at the beginning of the game as its more human like but would be awesome to see some more camera movements as it stays in one position the whole game and only turns when it wants to bank, apart from that good job 🙂
  4. hello, I must say this is a brilliant bot, couple of issues i've noticed which is when the pyro is down the bot doesn't move and takes damage and doesn't run to the other brazier in the screenshot and when setting mouse to fast it doesnt initially light the brazier at the beginning of the game as its too slow to react ( not really a issue but more a minor inconvenience) apart from that so far so good 🙂 (sorry poor screenshot)
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