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  1. Bug Description: It gets stuck after choosing an outfit, it doesn't click the guide anymore. How to recreate the bug: Create a account and start the script. Screenshots/Videos/GIF: /
  2. Bug Description: When I fish at Barbarian Village on trout or salmon (Fly fishing), it fishes 1 inventory, drops it and then doe's nothing anymore. How to recreate the bug: Get feathers, a fly rod and get to barbarian village to catch a inventory of fish! Screenshots/Videos/GIF: -- Edit: Sorry just seen Euan posting the same bug above, excuse me for doublepost..
  3. Mining and Woodcutting for sure! Fishing is okay too.
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    Thanksss all 😃
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    Welcome to EB forums!
  6. Started botting +-12 years ago, did stop some times in between. Just came back 2 months ago from a 1.5 year break on osrs.
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    Hi there, Just registered to the forums. Good to be here!
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