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  1. Bug: Takes Unf potion out of the bank but misses? the second ingredient. Closes bank and gets stuck as shown in the gif how to make: Harralander potion unf. + Chocolate dust (energy potion). Mouse: normal Happens pretty often, id say like 1/10 times when banking. https://gyazo.com/c25faf42ca2e4040582ed2480472644e
  2. Bug: goes ''use knife'' and tries to find something to fletch on. Or right click? (gyazos) sometimes even occurs at the same time you are fletching still the last logs. if there is wood left usually it will find the last one's eventually but if there is none it stays like on the qyazo, till the round is over. How to create: I am not completely sure how it occurs but it only seems to happen when you have eaten at least one inventory slot after starting to cut the tree for the first time. https://gyazo.com/faabed188a7ef11d29704db92f86dbd2 https://gyazo.com/04ba
  3. EDIT: i think it does have something to do with the zoom, zoomed like way out and it started working normally door bug wintertod.mp4
  4. Door bug, happens like 1 out of 5 times Stays in front of the door and clicks ground or right next to the door etc. Sometimes also after waiting it does go inside, sometimes just keeps cycling like in the qyazo. occurs when Starting the script from bank or when banking (outside of the minigame) and occurs in all camera headings etc. https://gyazo.com/5e07940390762af77b8b12e78eb20673 also couple times got a bug where it doesnt burn the kindlings, just stays front of the fire.
  5. mine got stuck on the poll, here is a qyazo https://gyazo.com/0749773501d90270524030b9e0903c90
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