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  1. it can't find the close button for the poll box thingy it will just right click around "reload" button. Once I mennualy close it it will go just like normal. would also be nice if it would press space instead of click to continue
  2. does this also support custom domain name for each account or is it just that I need to make the accounts and this plugin will do tut island ?
  3. thanks allot buddy you are doing a good job!
  4. Would also be nice if there is an option for buying/selling option. I know this would only be possible once the queuing system is finished
  5. does this also sell or just buy item from the GE?
  6. could it also be possible to add hcim and im support for this?
  7. if this script also loods in wildy it would be an good idea to make an option where it would bank if the total value from the inv reach X amount. maybe also stamina potion support. Not sure if this would make a difference for gp/h but it would be nice.
  8. I really want to learn how to do bosses the only boss I ever killer was wintertodt... o and once zulrah!!! on a maxed account...
  9. i thought it was HP but not sure maiht also be hunter🧐
  10. Welcome my friend!
  11. would also be nice if it has progession support. so it would always make the best bars. IDK if this is what you mean with profiles but it would be nice!
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