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  1. @Suko could you have a look at this? For the future, join our discord to get direct support 😄
  2. Those scripts are no more, everything is new. Make sure to have a look at all the new ones! 😄
  3. here is the link to buy it no idea what this means 😕
  4. enable the option if using the pro version. the lite miner does not support banking
  5. uhh, could you phrase it differently? and could you be more clear?
  6. i doubt they will become opensource, talking about the 'lite' versions. but as said above, there are some free alternatives.
  7. some nice stuff u got there 😮 cant wait to see more!
  8. Sellout


    There will be other payment methods in the future, no idea when it will be possible though.
  9. Don't worry, a lite version will be available soon. This will be a free version with some options disabled 😉
  10. This is a known issue, Join the discord to be notified when it is working again 😄
  11. so what are you trying to say?
  12. This is awesome, Thank you for making it free ❤️
  13. in the area's you are able to choose the location when starting the script
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