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  1. Sellout

    Muling script

    A muling script is on the planning, dont know when it will be made/added though
  2. Not even worth writing something for
  3. Isnt this in the crafting script already?
  4. maybe, if you give enough info it could be solved. But saying shit is not working wont get you anywhere
  5. Sellout

    Pro Wintertodt

    so you can choose at what % of the game it goes to the waiting spot to wait out the game. Lower = higher exp
  6. There is one called pro agility script, the other one is called free agility If you purchased it is should be in your script folder in the client. If you cant find it you either need to look a bit better or you need to wait until the payment has come through
  7. You might have hit the login limit, wait like 20 mins before attempting again. Also, are you signing in with your email or with username?
  8. If you want more npc's you need to buy the script
  9. Got me some nice levels ❤️
  10. Sellout

    Build A Farm

    Nice bro! Good luck with the farm and may it be profitable. If you need an help, make sure to join the discord 🙂
  11. Welcome back, make sure to join the Discord to stay up to date !
  12. yes, slayer is fully auto everything. Pro fighter does not like things that have additional steps to kill an npc
  13. Sellout

    Pro Crabs

    Not SDN scripts, no these are added automatically
  14. yeah, some money making scripts would be cool
  15. nice little script 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us 😄
  16. laughs in lvl 89 mining
  17. Great to have you back! The scripts are only getting better and better with time! Nowadays there is no thing as "Undetected clients", buuuuut EpicBot got me great results! Made multiple 99 firemakers, gotten some crazy run times with my own scripts. Stick arround, more EB awesomeness will be coming
  18. i dint knew you could mine potatoes 😮 for the rest, nice script!
  19. Send you a PM 😉
  20. Join the Discord, We will be able to help you quicker 🙂
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