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  1. Fire making, doing only willows
  2. Sellout


    when do we see some "Bot" scripts? 😗
  3. Profit all the way! I don't play rs no more, i find it life sucking with little rewards (compared to other games). However i did not make "x20 your rent" money, but it was some decent side money to have. In today's landscape it is hard to bot and have the account last more than a good couple of months. What i also like to do is make a main, just to see how long it survives. I try a different method each time just to see if i reduced the ban time on acc's that i bot.
  4. The most important feature i am looking for is the possibility of automation and management . When running big farms (100+) it is horrible to do everything by hand, even starting scripts will take you some good time to do. Management is also a big factor, i dont want to have to mace a whole doc to know what proxy goes with what acc etc etc. Also the client must have some AIO scripts, what i mean by that are scripts that you just put some cash on, press play and it does what it needs to do straight off tut island. Interaction with the client is also important, like mirrored mode.
  5. Sellout

    RS3 or OSRS?

    OSRS for me chief, Have tried playing rs3, but i dont like the play style.
  6. i remember when it first launched, i used the living hell out of epic bot. got some nice 99's out of it 😉
  7. Sellout


    I know you guys will ^^
  8. Sellout


    Oke, first to start with, FIRST! Im sellout, been botting for over 10 years now. Ran some pretty big farms in the past and now looking for a client that wont suck me dry and give me low results. I used epicbot from the beginning, i remember getting 99 cooking, 99fletching and 99 firemaking using this in the past. Hope to see the Beta coming soon to test the scripts of those wonderful scripters!
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