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  1. 4 hours ago, corrako said:

    Hi awesome script have you through about adding a feature to allow fletching only the first inventory to maximize points as you dont often get to fletch more then 1 inventory? or being able to select the amount of roots chopped before fletching/burning so you could get say 15 roots each time to get 750 points more consistently THANKS! 

    Never had this problem, it would always get at least 750 points on ea run while only fletching logs.

    What is your settup and mouse speeds etc?


  2. 35 minutes ago, beauwindsor said:

    Hey guys im new here,


    just trying to download the actual client to install, when i clickt he download button it just refreshes the page just wondering if im doing something wrong or if i have to do something to be able to download and install the client. 



    Have you tried to use an other browser?

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