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  1. Bug Description: Cannot handle skills necklace interface when travelling to gnome stronghold (was at GE at the time - im guessing when too far to walk manually and you have a teleport available), also cannot handle gnome conversation at gnome stronghold. How to recreate the bug: Start a fair way from gnome stronghold agility with skills necklace and let it try to navigate and if you havent interacted with gnome for first time at gnome stronghold it will just keep clicking the gate. Screenshots/Videos/GIF: N/A (sorry)
  2. There's also another multiple of bugs and efficiency suggestions but I'll get them you you tomorrow 🙂
  3. Ok so for now, it can't seem to find items that are not in the viewpoint of the bank (scrolled ones) and I think it would better to use ring of dueling to go enclave stock up on health and run energy instead if pots 🙂 Just my 2 cents
  4. Also adding functionality to turn sound off, remove roofs, enable shift drop and esc our of interface would be reallt nice 🙂 Thanks ❤️
  5. Bug Description: When an item is selected it can't move on How to recreate the bug: Use an item when trying to open a gate (this case a dagger) Screenshots/Videos/GIF: see attached
  6. Won't click flashing tabs on resizable mode 🙂
  7. Hi all, Sorry it's not a very good bug format but essentially when it feels it would be faster to use the tree (and I do have the quest done for it). It just walks up to the tree and floats around it until intervening and picking an area from there.
  8. Just by the fish shop but I am just being picky 😄
  9. It would be great if it purchased bars from GE 🙂 My 2 cents anyway
  10. Progressive levelling and fish outfit for minnows obtainer in pro fisher pls 🙂
  11. Port Sarim addition pleasee 😄 Or am I blind haha
  12. Just a quick bug report, if the bot get stuck selecting a fish it has an absolute crazy time trying to drop the rest of the fishies - sorry i dont have a video 😞
  13. EDIT: Here's the issue that arises when a message comes up to learn something new:
  14. Also after dropping fish it waits for like 5 seconds (in right click mode) before carrying on - see pic
  15. Thanks, im miffed I didn't get a screenshot for you. I'll see what I can get
  16. Hi quick bug, when a message pops up saying you can visit someone to learn new skills it stops fishing and doesn't continue. Couldn't get a screenshot but i'll try and get one next time.
  17. Bug Description: Won't bank clue botting in draynor village banking How to recreate the bug: N/A Screenshots/Videos/GIF:
  18. Bug Dscription:: Very strange behaviour, not sure how to describe How to create the bug: 10 jugs of wines, hammer, tinderbox, Screenshot/Vides/GIF - Uses all of ~ approxateely 1122 hugs of wines and pamks bank i wil post a video when i get¬
  19. 14 years with many breaks in-between :)
  20. Logi#7362 I would love an invite if there is one spare. Many thanks!
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