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  1. Poor dogs man, humans have no limits when it comes to cruelty to animals
  2. Damn very nice, it's a shame
  3. I just restarted the script but still gets stuck for some reason
  4. Oh shit my bad it’s right here Outside lumby thank you 🙂 and I’m at work I don’t have runescape so I had to show you this way sorry
  5. @ProtoIs it possible to add this location for willow?
  6. Yes I just started the script and stopped without filling anything and did it multiple times
  7. I have a little problem with it doesn't bank Edit: Everything worked fine but it got stuck again
  8. So I don't know if this is a bug or if it got reported before but could you please make that when we stop a script it closes the GUI with it otherwise you will end up like this...
  9. MrPker9


    Welcome my friend !
  10. MrPker9


    Whalecum my friend !
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