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  1. hey proto another grazyyy script, using the 3ticker and im clocking hella xps. I was wondering if you would wanna implement esc for closing bank instead of more mouse movement to add a more human-like experience. edit: progress report for a couple hours -96 to 98 cooking https://gyazo.com/c45df183602a0052cdaee6907d1f9c31 -98 cooking 1 hour progress https://gyazo.com/c203dc33eaaf078a20fa0187070e2767 -99 cooking i forgot to screen shot but i got it guys
  2. okay actually the second time it went back to duel arena its now taken the glider to gnome stronghold and is actually gone to gnome bank took out a steel axe instead of my infernal axe
  3. Found a bug where if im standing in Ape Atoll teak location it will just dueling ring to duel arena and then walk to all the way to port sarim? and take void knight ship? and then repeat the process back to duel arena
  4. Yo Proto, great script so far got hella xp on my main. But when its dropping fish for barb fishing it drops all and then does a right click in the inventory for some reason after all fish are dropped. I feel like thats kinda bot like as most players wouldnt right click every time when inventories empty.
  5. Hey Koala love the script so far, but I don't like how when it deposits it clicks continue on the dialogue. I feel like most people just click out of it instead of actually pressing continue.
  6. ipokefire

    Pro NMZ

    94 hp but i think after the overload it drinks another and then rock cakes down below 51.
  7. ipokefire

    Pro NMZ

    Yo my nmz bot keeps dying after 1 overload sip and then re-dreaming and potting to full absorption to just die again after 1 sip.
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