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  1. The biggest boss i've faught is Elvrag or w/e the name of the dragon in Dragon slayer is 😄
  2. I hate mining, it's so slooooow 😄 I like fishing and cooking
  3. Like Maddawg i think it's the nostaliga about it. I like the many aspects of the game, and all the youtube content creators of all kinds really entertain me. Especially those who do some crazy flipping og HCIM / UIM progressions. Or kempQ ❤️
  4. CSGoslave

    RS3 or OSRS?

    I never tried RS3. Quit just before the G.E launched in 07, and came back to osrs. So for sure osrs
  5. I would like to make profit from botting. But i always end up spending more on scripts, proxies etc. Than i make i GP 😄 So for me it's just a hobby, a few accounts doing some f2p stuff, trying to see how far i can push them.
  6. Will it escape if someone tries to explode your ass?
  7. 99 Cooking proggie inc?
  8. Hi I'm not really spanish or anything. But hola really sounds cool 🙂 I like to spend money on botting and gain nothing from it.. So that's what i do. So far i really like the preview of the client, combine that with @Protoscript this will be a win. Byee!
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