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  1. Does not switch when the Pyromancer dies 😞
  2. Great script Proto Would suggest Yew spots at falador south and west of Varrock at the lumbermill
  3. I have a problem with using "any" food. It wont pick something from the bank. I have plenty of cooked fish.
  4. The biggest boss i've faught is Elvrag or w/e the name of the dragon in Dragon slayer is 😄
  5. I hate mining, it's so slooooow 😄 I like fishing and cooking
  6. Like Maddawg i think it's the nostaliga about it. I like the many aspects of the game, and all the youtube content creators of all kinds really entertain me. Especially those who do some crazy flipping og HCIM / UIM progressions. Or kempQ ❤️
  7. CSGoslave

    RS3 or OSRS?

    I never tried RS3. Quit just before the G.E launched in 07, and came back to osrs. So for sure osrs
  8. I would like to make profit from botting. But i always end up spending more on scripts, proxies etc. Than i make i GP 😄 So for me it's just a hobby, a few accounts doing some f2p stuff, trying to see how far i can push them.
  9. Will it escape if someone tries to explode your ass?
  10. Hi I'm not really spanish or anything. But hola really sounds cool 🙂 I like to spend money on botting and gain nothing from it.. So that's what i do. So far i really like the preview of the client, combine that with @Protoscript this will be a win. Byee!
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